Serenity Fitness and Wellness Center is interested in helping people to feel better every day, reducing the pain associated with daily living. The specialized equipment offered here is specifically designed to stimulate and enhance the proper function of the human body. Read more about the benefits of using the equipment offered at Serenity Junction, or call to talk to a specialist at our location in Boyertown, PA.

Wave Vibration Accelerated Training makes your body wake up and take notice to life! Activating over double the muscles in conventional exercise, Wave Vibration is excellent for almost everyone. Get results in areas that are hard to reach. This technique can be used by people who are limited in movement and function as well as professional athletes looking for a better form of exercise.

The Inversion therapy offered at Serenity uses the best equipment in the industry. Inversion is excellent for individuals looking to improve the health of their spine.

Hydro Massage therapy is comfortable because you keep your street clothes on! Come and try the healing benefits of warm, dry massage. You control every move. A 15 minute session is all it takes to relax the stresses of the world away.

Laser Lipo uses low levels of laser energy to blast into the fat cell’s membrane and cause the cells to develop pours and release the stored fat. Think of your fat cells as grapes becoming raisins. The fat released is then processed through your lymph system and passed through your body. Exercising after your treatments will greatly enhance your results, using the vibration exercise plates.

Body Contouring is the perfect treatment for women who want to contour their body for a confidence booster. Cavitation uses a powerful sound wave to attack the fat cell membranes. The cells are reduced to liquid and expelled through the body’s lymph system. Most clients see an immediate change in their body after the first session! This technology is also used to treat wrinkles and rejuvenate skin through collagen reproduction and repair.

Other services – Cold Laser Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Ionic Foot Detox

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